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  • Andy Sutton
    House Story Dance Anthems
    House, Deep-House, EDM, Tech-House, Progressive-House, Electro-House, Electro, Dance, Mainstream, Soulful House, Big Room
    Release Every Sunday
    Frequency Weekly
    Length 120 mins
    Type Talk, Mix, Jingles
    Episodes House Story Dance Anthems - May Wk2
    Language en_GB

    What’s House Story Dance Anthems … The Concept …. House Story Dance Anthems is a weekly show hosted by Andy Sutton who is a former presenter and club DJ, and DJ OF THE YEAR. The show is 120 minutes long / 2 Hours and can be formatted however the station requires which can include idents and TOH. The music Genre is based on 4 half hour non stop mixes based on house music, disco house , classic house and bootlegs , Big room anthems and some progressive house. 30 Min - New music release 30 Min - Disco house or guest mixes which have been from some big names around the world. 30 Min - Classic house / bootleg house or chosen producer/artists. 30 Min - Big Room Anthems The concept of the show is to take people on a musical journey that leaves them ready for their day or evening ahead. The Shows Format …. We can fit the show around your station requirements including segmentation as well as station idents this is all accessed through our Dropbox. Within the dropbox there is mastered adverts, marketing, logos and jingles. Where and when is this produced? …. The show is produced in a full professional studio that consists of the ability to live broadcast, live cameras as well as the option for both cdjs 3000 and vinyl on technics 1210s. The show is produced and mastered on a Monday of each week ready for access for syndication. The show is available free and lives are available at a smaller charge. We also have a Mixcloud that has 9500 followers and frequently uploads mixes that can be adjusted for a station on a certain month or a style. Link below